Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I found myself at the park today, swinging on the swings ( yes, by myself lol) and really just contemplating life and the extraordinary, and monumental risks that we SHOULD take. When I was younger, I would swing so high and never be afraid to jump off that swing because I was confident I would land on my feet. Possibly, because I had never experienced landing on my face. I had no fear! Life has tried to convince me (and you) that we should be afraid to swing the highest, out of fear that we will fall on our face and never recover. But, I am here to remind you that you should in fact swing higher and stronger than you ever have before, let go of the chains and reach for the sky and if indeed you fall on your face, it never hurts as much as you anticipate. Let go of your fear, let go of that gut feeling that's preventing you from taking a risk, it's only ever based off of the past. Ecclesiastes 11 teaches us that there is value in diligence... Get to work!!! Namaste ~ with love

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