Sunday, April 28, 2013

Re-purposing with a Purpose

KLaK Designs is a clothing line specializing in re-purposing used materials to create unique, high quality clothing with an artistic flare. With the fashion industry having a large impact on the environment, we wanted to find a way to lessen the impact while still offering consumers high quality, stylish clothing. We hope to encourage consumers to purchase less "throw-away clothing" and invest in pieces they can wear for multiple seasons.

Samples of KLaK Designs

 Currently, we offer children's clothing with the intent of expanding to men's wear and women's wear, as we progress. Our goal is to offer everything from accessories, apparel, and shoes. KLaK Designs strives to create pieces full of detail and quality handwork, allowing our customers to individually express themselves with each unique piece they wear.

Close-up of details

Not only are we concerned with the environment, but we are also compassionate about giving back and helping those less fortunate. At least 20% of all proceeds will be donated to charity. We plan to interact with our customers for suggestions on charities to which we can contribute. So, when purchasing pieces from KLaK Designs, feel confident in knowing you are helping the environment, helping those less fortunate, and helping maintain your individual style! Our motto: Keeping the environment as fresh as your style! Feel free to contact KLaK Designs with any inquiries at

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